Lords of Forgotten Lands

Balasar was almost Grigored

The group was sent to get a rusted old sword out of a cave for the mirrored man. Ikari (being a skilled bard) was sent to help two fools retrieve this blade. At the end part of the cave there the sword was, laying in a beam of light. Kira retrieved the sword, but then some light creatures came out of the ceiling. Then from behind them came an illithid. He was able to snatch the sword from kira. After fighting for some time the illithid caught hold of Balasar. He turned Balasar against his team instead of ending his life. Ikari thought that if they left and came with back up it would be easier and would cause less harm to Kira and himself. Kira said fuck that plan. Kira was able to get the blade back. As Ikari was getting smashed in the face with fire by Balasar he noticed that the illithid may be harmed by light. Like it was fate… Like there is some god like person watching over the group controlling everyone else moves the illithid picked up one of the light creatures and ate it thinking it would heal him, BUT NO! NO! IT HURT HIM! Proving Ikaris theory. Ikari told Kira that the light will hurt him. They made a plan. Ikari turned into his rabbit form so he could dodge Balasar easily. Kira pushed the illithid into the light killing him. HAZAH! BALASAR BECAME FREE! The three men ran back. No one followed them out. The group walked back to camp to find it was gone. They used their amazing tracking skills and found where the camp was now. They learned they were gone for months and the army was attacked by men on dragons. King Kalic was able to get dragons!? King Tyris got someone to summon the mirrored man. He gave the mirrored man the sword and the promise to fulfill one favor in the future for King Kalic’s daughter.


>The three men
>three men

Balasar was almost Grigored

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