Lords of Forgotten Lands

Ikari trys to have moral standards

Ikari, Balasar, and Kira were sent to talk to King Kalic. Their mission was to get him to come and have a meeting with Tyris. They were able to convince him to have a meeting, because Ikari has some bomb ass talking skills. Balasar talked too. The meeting took place in Talora. As they entered the hall where the meeting took place Tyris pulled Kira back and whispered something in her ear. She then vanished. After some conversation Zorros realized Kira was not there, so he sent to have her retrieved. Kira was brought into the hall and sat down. Ikari was relieved that whatever plan they were making was foiled. Ikari also made a new friend. Tyris and Kalic start have a very strange conversation. Tyris started to act abnormal. Ikari felt something strange was going on. Tyris started telling this story, also calling Kalic a bastard. The story ended with Kalic about to murder Tyris, and Tyris saying “There will be blood”. Barely a moment after saying this Kira pounces down from the chandelier striking Zorros right where his neck was bare. Blood goes everywhere covering everything. The table is then flipped making cover. Kira gets off of Zorros’ dead body and immediately attacks the Defiler almost killing him in one hit. The Kira next to Ikari then turns into the little boy they met earlier, Terris. Every one starts to fight. Ikari shocked and disappointed with his team turns into a rabbit and flees. As he is trying to get out Tyris says “I WILL HANG YOU FOR TREASON”. Ikari comes back in and fights. Everyone but Kalic is defeated, and he is surrounded. He decides he could take everyone. He pushes one person back and goes directly for Tyris. Tryis then used the power of his asshole sword and commanded him to stop and kneel. He puts his hand on Kalics head. And have you ever seen the last episode of Avatar the last airbender when Aang puts his hand on the fire lord and blue lights come out of his face and he takes his bending away? Well this is exactly what he does to Kalic except he doesn’t take his bending away he makes him his little bitch and also the light was green… not blue



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