Princess Agera Sarion (Deceased)

The Dark Witch, Usurper, Originator of Sarion Blood Curse, Sister of Daarum VIII


Agera Sarion was the oldest child of seven born to King Zaren Sarion V (Deceased). She was born after King Zaren V retook the surface. Agera was always withdrawn as a child and was adept at manipulating her sisters and her brother Daarum VIII. In her teenage years she discovered a sword in the the depths of Sarion’s Fall. She soon realized that the sword was that of Roaran Sarion I. She learned the ways of the warlock she developed a dark curse that allowed her to control Assimilation’s power without the sword’s presence. She then hid the sword where no one would ever find it to use against her. When the curse was cast the victim would become Agera’s slave. She would often enthrall orcs and other monsters to terrorize the people of Visonis. She even sent her orcs to kill the men who tried to court her. As she grew up, Agera wanted more than anything to be queen. She then started a campaign to usurp the crown from her brother. When it became clear that the people would not stand up behind her, she took matters into her own hands. Agera sent her orcs to kill everyone of her brother to force King Zaren to name her as his heir. King Zaren dicovered her plot and stopped it before Daarum was killed. King Zaren bound Agera’s arms and gagged her and sentenced his own daughter to death for treason. Agera was executed at the age of 25, 519 years after the crowning of King Roaran Sarion I (Deceased). Before she was beheaded she cursed Daarum with her binding abilities. This would later be named The Sarion Blood Curse. It only surfaced in some Sarion children but the curse caused Sarion descendants to have fits of uncontrolled power accompanied by glowing green eyes. These outburst would usually end in the death of anyone nearby by a self inflicted cut to the throat. The most recent cases are those of Tyris Sarion and Rickard Rock. Assimilation was never found.

She was also the only sister of King Daarum Sarion VIII (Deceased) that was not married to him. Daarum VIII often tried to bed her and she never allowed it. Before her execution she was raped in the dungeons by Daarum VIII. This was what mainly charged her decision to curse him.

Princess Agera Sarion (Deceased)

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