Elemental Sorcerer.


blast damage. hit multiple enemies for medium damage.


Balasar was born in the large city in Dragera. As a kid he spent most of his time on the streets stealing and looting to stay alive. He always stayed distant; he never made friends and often had to resort to killing people to stay alive. As he grew into his teens he grew hard and cold towards the world. He started committing harder crimes and eventually became an enemy of the state. This eventually led to his capture and trial. He was sent off to the capital of Dragera. As he stood trial at his execution King Viromat recognized his strength and made him an offer. Enroll in the military or die. Seeing no other way out of the situation Balasar accepted. For the next 10 years Balasar spent his time in the Dragonborn military. He quickly moved up through the ranks and eventually led men into several battles. In one campaign Balasar found himself up against one of the raven queens heretic factions. After 3 long days of battle both sides found themselves depleted and disheartened. As a last ploy Blackwood sent an assassin in an attempt to kill the Dragonborn commander, Balasar. It was not Blackwood’s army but he thought if the heretics managed to win it would benefit him and he would not be implicated in the battle. In the night Balasar woke to found himself in a shroud of darkness. Before he had time to react a dark assassin came into view. Balasar sensed immense power from this figure. Balasar called for the guards. “They’re already dead.” The figure replied. Without second thought Balasar charged the woman and engaged into combat. Both fought to the point of exhaustion. Balasar ended up taking a wound to the shoulder and was eventually pinned to the floor, but at that point it was too late and most of the troops awakened and had surrounded the assassin. Knowing her life was at stake the assassin took her leave, vowing to return to finish him. The next day Balasar suffered his first defeat at the hand of the Raven Queen’s Heretics. Over the next few years the assassin and commander found themselves confronted with each other several time in battle. After 10 years of military service Balasar found himself being the High Commander of the entire Dragonborn army. One day High commander Balasar was to attend Viromat’s eldest son’s wedding. As the ceremony was taking place a rebel party attacked the wedding. Balasar was forced to protect the prince. As Balasar cut down men he felt a dark mist rise around him. He knew what that meant. He turned to grab the prince only to find the assassin Kira’s blade cutting through his neck. On completing her mission the assassin made her leave. Enraged the king had Balasar stripped of his rank for failing to protect his son. The king knowing he couldn’t kill Balasar had him exiled. Shamed and defeated the ex High Commander was sent out of the city and sent to wonder the land. He became dark and depressed and started drinking. He had lost all hope and will to leave. The once high commander now was a bum in the wilds, again stealing to live. One day in the woods he happened to stumble into the same black mist he had seen many times before. He stumbled upon a camp where he found Kira, surrounded by several dozen hybrids. In having his respect for the woman and no longer having a king to fight for, he aided the assassin.
As the hybrids were dispatched the two champions looked at each other in equal admiration. Balasar asked about the hybrids and Kira explained the situation of the impending doom of the island. Balasar explain his recent strip of merit and offered to join Kira in leaving of the island. Knowing Balasar was a strong warrior she accepted and the two set off to leave the island for the new world.


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