King Daarum Sarion VIII (Deceased)

Daarum the Mad, Daarum the Sorrowful, The Black King, The Five Wived King


The Wives, Sisters, and Children of Daarum Sarion VIII

Daarum VIII was the only son and youngest child of King Zaren Sarion V (Deceased). His birth was very difficult and his mother died bringing him into the world. As a boy he was a completely normal child without a care in the world. He was sheltered while growing up and rarely ever went outside as his father feared of his heir catching an infection and dying. His sisters were charged by King Zaren with taking care of him and were his royal servants. The only people he knew for the majority of his childhood were his father and sisters. He loved his sisters and was especially fond of his oldest sister Princess Agera.

When Daarum became sexually mature his love for Agera became sexually enhanced and would often attempt to bed her. His attempts failed and ended when she tried to assassinate him at the age of 18 in the year 519. Before she was executed Daarum went to see her in the dungeons. With her hands bound she was unable to do magic. Daarum took advantage of the situation and raped Agera. Daarum did not know that while he was inside her she was able to use the contact to curse him with what would later be known at the Sarion Blood Curse. Agera was executed the next day and told everyone of her vengeance. Her last words were “I could have been your queen. Instead you will have a monster”.

Two years later the first Sarion Blood Curse incident occurred and resulted in to death of King Zaren V. It was judged that even though Daarum killed his father, he could not be held responsible for the murder because of the nature of the curse. Daarum was crowned king at the age of 20.

Shortly after his crowning, Daarum married his second oldest sister Danora. His critics challenged his marriage to his sister but Daarum justified it by saying he was king and had absolute power. He said that with his power no man could deny his marriage. Those who openly spoke against it were executed. Danora eventually accepted her situation and went to Daarum’s bed willingly. After a number of miscarriages and a stillbirth, it was discovered the Danora was barren. Daarum blamed Danora and claimed that she was aware of her state the whole time and agreed to their marriage to spite him. Danora denied this but it did not help her. She was confined to the dungeons and executed in the year 523. Her last words were “At last I am free”.

After Danora’s death, Daarum married his youngest sister Rheana in hopes that she would be able to produce an heir. Rheana was not as willing as her sister to go to the King’s bed. Rheana was in love with the stable boy and would often go to him to comfort her. She was later discovered in the stable boy’s bed. Rheana was able to keep her life when she testified that the stable boy had raped her. Daarum knew that his sister wasn’t being truthful however. Interested only in a son, Daarum spared her life but she was not spared from punishment. Every night from then on Daarum would take his queen into the throne room and publicly rape Rheana. Daarum would force his court to watch so they could see what happened to queens that slept with anyone other than their king. The punishment ended when Rheana became pregnant and she was then treated like an angel.

During Rheana‘s pregnancy, Daarum took his sister Johanna as his mistress. Rheana gave birth to a healthy girl who she named Jahera. Daarum was furious at Rheana for having a daughter and claimed that she did it on purpose to punish him. Rheana quickly became pregnant again and Daarum continued to bed Johanna. When Rheana’s second child was a girl as well, Daarum was convinced she had only girls on purpose. After two years with no pregnancies, Rheana was stripped naked and burned to death for her insolence in the year 527. As she burned Rheana screamed “It’s not my fault” over and over.

When Daarum took his sister Zarana for his third queen the people revolted. The rebellion was ended shortly after when Daarum invited the leaders of the rebellion to court to discuss peace. Upon arrival at Sarion’s Fall, Daarum had them thrown into the lava sea. The other men were pardoned after swearing an oath which acknowledged Zarana as queen.

With Zarana as his official queen, Daarum wasted no time and impregnated his queen and continued bedding Johanna as his mistress. Zarana lost the baby but Daarum forgave her when she became pregnant again quickly. Zarana was loved by the people and taught children to read when she wasn’t bedding the king. She also raised the King’s daughters Jahera and Rheaella born to him by Rheana.

Daarum was fond of her as well as she was a calm queen after the exhausting Rheana. Zarana’s second pregnancy produced the son Daarum was looking for. He was named Roaran II. The boy was raised much like Daarum to prevent illness. During Zarana’s time as queen there was a period of great joy in Visonis. Zarana became pregnant again and birthed another son for Daarum. Who was named Ageris after the sister he could never marry. Soon after a plague swept across Visonis and claimed Ageris and Zarana in the year 530.

Daarum was depressed by the loss of his second son and Zarana. He did not marry again for another three years. He started a campaign to invade the kingdom of the elves after the elf lord started calling himself king. The forest proved to be a difficult enemy but Daarum and his army pushed through to the port and killed this pretender. Daarum destroyed the old family and gave the lordship to Faral Wysana.

When Daarum returned from the war at the age of 32, he married his sister Vara. Vara was the most sought after of Daarum’s sisters. She had many suitors and Daarum married her so that no one else could have her. Known as Vara the Beauty, Vara continued Zarana’s legacy and was a good queen to her brother and the people. She took over in raising Jahera, Rheaella, and Roaran II. Vara did fear the king because of what happened to his previous wives. Daarum was content with his children and bedded Vara for enjoyment and not to conceive children. Of all his queens Daarum loved Vara the most. She was everything he wanted in a wife and was the most beautiful wife he had. It was often that Daarum and Vara would go to bed and not emerge for days. In time Vara’s fear became love and she and Daarum were rarely outside of the bed chamber. It could not be denied that Daarum was charming.

Vara never gave Daarum another child and her reign as queen ended abruptly when she told Daarum that Jahera should inherit the throne. Roaran II was a weak little boy and wasn’t skilled physically or mentally and was already very cruel at the age of 10. When Daarum denied her request Vara told him that the gods were kind with him. She said that the King’s reckless inbreeding had produced two kind and beautiful daughters and a monster of a son. In a fit of rage Daarum took her out to the balcony of their bed chamber and leaned her over the edge and raped her. When he was finished he pushed her off the edge so she would fall into the lava sea in the year 543. Daarum immediately regretted his anger and fell into despair over the death of Vara.

Daarum married his sister and mistress Johanna at the age of 43. Roaran II’s first Sarion Blood Curse incident occurred shortly after Daarum’s marriage to Johanna. Daarum cut his own throat but manage to survive. Unable to speak and still emotionally unstable because of Vara’s death, Daarum threw himself over the same balcony he threw Vara over. Daarum fell into the lava sea at the age of 45 in the year 546.

After Daarum’s death Roaran II was crowned king at the age of 17. He followed his father’s example and married his sister Rheaella who was 21 at the time. Rheaella was repeatedly raped by Roaran II. Driven to madness, Rheaella killed Roaran II and then herself after she became pregnant in 547. Jahera became the first female monarch of the Sarion dynasty at the age of 23. With her Aunt Johanna’s assistance, Jahera Ruled Visonis for the next 44 years in what would be known as The Golden Age. Johanna was the only sister of Daarum VIII that survived being his queen.

The following is the letter Daarum VIII wrote before he fell.

It has taken me 25 years to understand what my sister Agera meant by her final words. I was young and thought of myself to be immortal, that is was immune to the law and the judgement of the gods. When the first incident occurred and my father was killed I was never blamed. ‘How could it have been, it was Agera not me,’ was all I could tell my 20 year old self. Now that I am a weak aging man, I know that it was my fault. I wanted him to die. I wanted to be king more than life itself. For that i am guilty of my father’s murder.

When I married Danora I was young. I was such a fool. It was true that being raised with no contact with anyone but my sisters made me love them more than I could love any other woman. I said at the time that I was the law and to deny me was treason. That very self justification led me down a path I can only regret in my age. I raped her and when she did not conceive a child I blamed her for it. I blamed her for lying to me about a condition she could never have known about. And I had her killed.

Rheana was the only woman to ever stand up to me after I was crowned. How could I have blamed her for loving another? What I did to her was horrific and when I think about it now it brings tears to my eyes. She gave me my daughters. And I hated her for it. I said she gave me daughters to punish me. And I burned her.

Zarana was the kindest to the people and she gave me two sons. Roaran II is very much like me. I fear that it was a mistake to raise him like I was. I know that I have doomed him. And the plague that stole her and Ageris from the people should never have been allowed to enter Sarion’s Fall. My carelessness killed her.

My beautiful Vara. I stole her. She learned to love what I am and I miss her so. After 10 years of happiness and love I raped her and threw her from the balcony for telling me the truth. This event allowed me to finally see who I am. The fog of self justification was finally lifted. She was the only woman to ever love me. And I pushed her into the lava sea.

Johanna was my mistress during all of the pregnancies. I bedded her for years and the only reason I married her now was to give her a reward for suffering through me. She will be treated like a queen even after my son is crowned and that is the only thing I can give her. She hated me. Now that I am in this state Johanna asked me how I live with myself, knowing that I could not answer. I am writing this letter for you Johanna.

Agera saw me for who I was after I raped her in the dungeons. I deserve this curse. I deserve this fate. Agera was a woman I could never own. And I raped her and cursed her all these years. I am a monster. I hope you will watch over my son and have Rheana’s strength to stand up to him. If he should be doomed please watch over my daughters. There has never been a female monarch in Visonis and they will need your guidance. The answer to your question Johanna is that I cannot. I cannot…

Daarum VIII

King Daarum Sarion VIII (Deceased)

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