Ser Gorp


Gorp the Bugbear lived a simple happy life. He lived in a cabin in the forests of Rinsgarn and liked to take nature walks, talk to animals, and ponder life’s mysteries. One day while on one of his nature walks he heard a horrible blood curdling scream. He came quickly to the spot but found only a pair of bloody pants, a belt, and a single black crayon. He then heard a shrill voice scream “NOOOOOOO!” not too far away and heard a rustling in the bushes getting closer and closer. Gorp grabbed the crayon and bolted as fast as he could back to his cabin.

When Gorp came back to his cabin that night he was terrified of the thing lurking in his woods and did not leave his cabin for three days. In that time he became very lonely (not being able to visit his woodland friends) and created an imaginary friend out of a rock. After 30 minutes of pondering he decided to name it Gorp. He used the crayon he found to draw a face on the rock and also wrote Gorp (so not to forget). Once he finished drawing on the rock, to Gorp’s surprise it began to speak to him. They spoke for hours, hours became days, days became weeks. The rock did not wish for Gorp to go leave the cabin, and so he did not. They spoke to each other day and night but the rock began to frighten Gorp. It told him to do things, terrible things to squirrels and the like. The rock tormented Gorp day and night filling his mind with terrible ideas but Gorp dared not get rid of Gorp for fear of the repercussions. Finally Gorp began to obey and started mutilating small woodland animals and lining the walls of his cabin with their guts. A month passed and the rock became tired of Gorp killing animals and now commanded Gorp to murder people. Gorp knew there was no point in resisting the rock so he did as it wished, butchering anyone who dared enter his woods. Not long after his crusade began people got word of hikers going missing and sent a large party of city watch to investigate. They found Gorp asleep in his corpse filled cabin nestling a rock in his arms. A guardsman bashed his head in with the handle of his sword and brought him to the dungeons.

Gorp awoke with a leash tied around his neck, the other end tied to a stake in the ground. Next to him was a food dish and a small doghouse labeled Gorp. He was in the yard of a large castle. He did not remember anything. He patted his head to find a large indent in it where the guard had hit him. The next thing he knew a man dressed in noble attire came over to him and started talking. gorp could hardly comprehend what he was saying but managed to hear they had bought him to be their family pet. Gorp embraced this new life happily. They fed him and watered him twice a day and even took him for walks sometimes. After a few months a very fat child with a pigs nose and similar intelligence named Wilmer approached him and the two began to talk. They bonded quickly and were best friends in a fortnight.

On one rainy day Gorp was lying in his doghouse when he discovered a pocket he did not realize he had. He reached inside and found a black crayon and a rock with a face and the word Gorp written on it. The rock very suddenly started yelling at him but Gorp could not understand what it was saying so he just interpreted that it wanted to be friends, and great friends the two became. Gorp showed the rock to his friend Wilmer but only Gorp could hear It’s voice.

One dark stormy night Gorp was awoken by screaming. He saw the man who would take him on walks in the distance running in terror. Something that was hanging on the ceiling jumped down on top of him and severed his leg with a katana, it then tore off his pants as if they were tissue paper and began raping him with a large purple dildo. Once it was done he took out a box of crayons, drew a quick picture of the man and sucked his soul out of his body leaving nothing more than a horrific husk. The creature wasted no time and went on to find a new victim. Gorp was terrified but before he could wet himself his best friend Wilmer came to his rescue. Wilmer cut his leash and ran with him to another castle where they were safe. The two where knighted and became guards in the Drageran military. The rest is history.

Ser Gorp

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