King Harral Sarion (Deceased)

Harral the Unwanted


Harral was born the middle of three brothers. His father had always planned for his older brother Lorek to be king. But Lorek had chosen to be a Knight of the Dragon, an elite order of knights in service to the good of Sarion’s Fall. The same order that Harral’s younger brother Rheays would later join. In doing this he gave up his claim to the throne putting Harral first in the line of succession. Even though the throne would now be Harral’s by rights, The King continued to think of Lorek as his heir. Harral resented his father for ignoring Lorek’s wishes.

At 25, Harral denied his fathers wishes to marry the daughter of the Lord of the Vale and instead married a girl of common birth who worked as a servant in the Fall. It was later discovered that she was whoring herself to Harral and to the other servants as well. It was also rumored that he married her because she became pregnant and Harral did not want a bastard child. Harral had two daughter by her, the first named Saria and the second Jahera after The Golden Queen.

Harral would become king at the age of 45 in the year 803. His rein was short and rough. The people did not support his claim and instead wanted Lorek as their king. A revolt was prevented only by Lorek’s repeated refusals and endorsement of Harral. Harral became ill and fearing for his longevity, Harral desperately tries to conceive a son to no avail. His death in 805 was celebrated and he would then be known as Harral the Unwanted. The combination of his weak rein, the rivalry between his daughters, and the scheming of Rheays would spark a civil war that would bathe the realm in blood known as The War of Two Queens.

King Harral Sarion (Deceased)

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