Queen Jahera Sarion II (Deceased)

Usurper, Rheays's Pet


Jahera was the second daughter born to King Harral I. As a child she was very sociable and dreamed about marrying a noble lord or a gallant knight. When she was 16 she was going to run away with a knight from The Vale. Her uncle, Ser Rheays, discovered the plot and slayed the knight outright. Jahera screamed about how she would tell Ser Lorek the Loyal about the murder. Rheays took her by the throat and slapped her. He told her that She didn’t love the knight, that he was trying to rape her and steal her. When she stopped crying he said “I can see it in your eyes, the desire the throne. I know the look of it because I saw it in my own eyes when I was young. Don’t throw away your chance for any man who would take you from this castle. For if you leave, you shall never have it”. Ser Rheays may have forgotten this encounter, but Jahera never forgot.

When her father died in the year 803, Rheays came to her and told her that this was the moment. She refused him. After two years under her sister, Queen Saria I’s rule and the constant attempts by her sister to marry Jahera off, Jahera took Ser Rheays up on his offer. Ser Rhaeys left the Fall and rallied the south in her name, starting The War of Two Queens.

When the war was won and her sister’s and Ser Lorek’s heads on spikes, Jahera was crowned Queen Jahera II in 810 at the age of 27. Her rule lasted the next ten years. She was not loved like she was when she was a girl. The people feared her. They hated Rheays for murdering Lorek and they thought that she was just Rheays’ pet. She married the son of the Lord of The Vale and had three sons. The oldest of which would be king after her. She died the same as her father, of an unexpected illness that came as quick as it went in the year 820 at the age of 37.

Queen Jahera Sarion II (Deceased)

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