Lord Kalic Peak

Lord of the Vale, Strong, Tenacious, Charismatic


Kalic Peak was born a bastard to Lord Loris Talorian (Deceased). He was given to the arena in Vyrona as a baby and was raised by the other fighters. He grew up fighting for the amusement of the slave masters, unaware of what life outside of Vyrona was like. When Kalic turned 17 he made a deal with The Grim to make the slave masters forget that he was an arena fighter so he could be free. For this Kalic agreed that The Grim would receive his first born legitimate daughter.

Although he was freed, the life of a bastard in the south proved to not be what Kalic had dreamed it would be. He was an outcast in a world he did not understand. He decided to return to the Vale where he was born to search for a home. Kalic came upon an inn that was under attack by ogres. Using his brute strength and tenacity, he was able to kill the ogres with his bare hands and made a name for himself with the small folk. The people quickly came to love him. Kalic married a woman named Anne who was the innkeeper he saved from the ogres. Anne died in child birth and a daughter was born to Kalic. He named her Anne after her mother. The Grim did return for his end of the bargain and Kalic was forced to give up his daughter and has not seen her since. Kalic spent the next 20 years searching for his daughter to no avail.

After the battle at Talora and his father’s death, the scattered men of the dragon army and The Vale rallied behind him. They named him their lord since he was the only living son of Lord Loris Talorian (Deceased). He then crowned himself to create a world where all people will be free. He has also promised to liberate Vyrona. He has said that after the war is won, He will step down as king and hold an election where every man and woman will be able to have a say in who will rule Visonis.

His rule came to an end at “The Feast” in Talora. King Tyris Sarion met with him under false pretenses and betrayed him. Kira killed Zorros Silverclaw and King Tyris Sarion used Assimilation of Kalic, binding Kalic to his will.

Lord Kalic Peak

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