Lord Karis Hyperious (Deceased)

True Sarion, Lost One


Karis was born to King Rheagon Sarion (Deceased). His mother discovered that she was pregnant shortly after her husband’s death. To protect her son from people who would do him harm, her son was born with the surname Hyperious and hydra sigil. Karis married an elven woman from The Baneswood to disguise the genetic traits of the Sarion’s from the other highborn families of Visonis. The only family he trusted his secret to was that of the Morbers who have served House Hyperious ever since. Karis’ secret bloodline was kept intact until the seer Tor’Vosh (Deceased) told Karis’ descendant, Tyris Hyperious. Tyris would then change his surname back to Sarion once the secret was out. Karis died 1169 years after the crowning of Roaran The Conquerer (Deceased) at the age of 76 of natural causes.


Lord Karis Hyperious (Deceased)

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