King Zaren Sarion V (Deceased)

Reclaimer, Father of Daarum VIII, Dire Bear Sigil


Zaren Sarion was the king that reclaimed Visonis. Zaren was also the last King in the Catacombs. Zaren was born in the Catacombs in the period of darkness. When he became king he convinced his people that they need no long be afraid of the dragons that roamed the surface. After raising an army and breaking the gates to the surface he discovered that most of the dragons had been mysteriously wiped out. He the reestablished life on the surface and discovered the first ruins of the precursors he named Durothians. Zaren soon became obsessed with these lost people and spent the rest of his life searching for the origin of the Durothians. His daughter was Princess Agera Sarion (Deceased) the dark witch. She was executed by Zaren two years before his death when she tried to usurp the throne and created the Sarion Blood Curse. Zaren died 521 years after the crowning of King Roaran Sarion I (Deceased) at the age of 49 as a victim of the first Sarion Blood Curse murders. After his death his son Darrum VIII became king.


King Zaren Sarion V (Deceased)

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