Lord Rook

The Reaper of the Raven Army


Lord Rook one of the new breed of revenant. In his past life he was known as Therai, King of the Tiefling and Rinsgarn. The circular peace between the tieflings and humans in Rinsgarn took his throne from him. Therai then sided with King Victor Blackwood during the power struggle in exchange for the breaking of the cycle and a permanent seat as King of Rinsgarn. King Victor Blackwood used Therai and when he started to take Therai’s people to expand The Raven Army during the Dragon Uprising, Therai tried to break away unsuccessfully. His people fought on the western front in Ramira and it was there that Therai was murdered.

Therai was later reborn under the name Rook during King Victor Blackwood’s Revenant Revival Project in which he was successful in creating four new reventant. His new self was far more intelligent and he was placed in a high general position known as Reaper. He is gifted with strategy and loyal to the core.

Lord Rook

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