Ser Lorek Sarion (Deceased)

A Knight of the Dragon, Older Brother of Harral, Lorek the Loyal


Born the oldest of three brothers, Lorek was first in line to the throne. As a boy he was skilled with the sword and lance. As he grew up, Lorek despised the games of the high lords and did not wish that life for himself. He became a knight of the Dragon, an order that forsakes all claims to lands and family. Such orders have since been formed, such as the Knights of the Hydra, but their rules have not been as strict and allow the knights to have families to have sons that will join the order if they show prowess. Lorek father did not approve but had no choice in the matter. Once a knight has signed his name to the Dragon Tome not even a king can remove it. Lorek’s brother Harral would be king after their father.

Lorek did well in his station and was always loyal to the people and the reins of his father and later his brother earning him the name Lorek the Loyal. His youngest brother Rheays followed Lorek’s path after Harral’s daughters were born within a year of each other. Lorek disapproved of Rheays’s involvement in the affairs of Harral’s youngest daughter Queen Jahera Sarion II (Deceased) and his choice of following the Red Witch. he people wanted Lorek as their king and he had to constantly show his support of his brothers rule to keep the banners of rebellion at bay.

During The War of Two Queens after Harral’s death in 805, An 47 year old Lorek stayed loyal to the line of succession and supported Saria who was crowned shortly after her father’s death. Rheays however supported Jahera and rallied the south in her name. Lorek rallied those loyal to him and the crown to face Rheays. Lorek was not as skilled at political negotiations as Rheays and as the war went on Lord Faral Wysana’s support for [[:saria | Saria collapsed. The war was fought over 5 years until The Siege of the Fall. With no hope of rescue Lorek challenged his brother to single combat to decide the victor of the siege. Lorek was slain by Rheays at the age of 52 in the year 810 at the end of.

Ser Lorek Sarion (Deceased)

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