King Rheagon Sarion III (Deceased)

Human, Dire Bear Sigil


Rheagon Sarion was the last Sarion King. Rheagon’s legacy was the creation of the royal Goliath squadron. They never left Rheagon’s resting place in The Rheagaryn Sea. They are lead currently by Lord Darc Sorn. He died before a son could be born to him and the realm fell into a state where the lords ruled there own lands and answered to no king. It has recently come to light that Rheagon had a son that was born after his death who went on to form House Hyperious. Rheagon led the RGS into the Rheagaryn Sea to eliminate the a bandit uprising. The RGS succeeded but at the cost of their king. Rheagon died 1093 years after the crowning of Roaran Sarion I (Deceased) at the age of 56 by a sword wound to his stomach.


King Rheagon Sarion III (Deceased)

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