Ser Rheays Sarion (Deceased)

A Knight of the Dragon, The Queenmaker, Kinslayer, Younger Brother of Harral, Rheays the Tainted


Rheays was the youngest brother of Lorek and Harral Sarion. Rheays had always wanted to be king but did not have the heart to conspire against his brother. After Harral’s daughters were born Rheays gave up his hopes if inheriting the throne and joined the Knights of the Dragon. Lorek was a better fighter that Rheays was, and he realized he would never be able to beat Lorek in single combat. He heard about the strength and longevity of Vryloka and began searching for a way to become one. He had visions in which the Red Witch he had read about came to him and turned him into a Vryloka. He went to the location in his visions and discovered the Red Witch. He took her blood-bonding ritual and became a Vryloka.

Rheays took no effort in hiding his new state as he felt it intimidated very effectively. Lorek discovered his brothers choice and was highly against it. Rheays often visited his niece Jahera and took a liking to her. Some would say that he fell in love with her. As she grew up she also had Rheays wish as a younger sibling to be queen. When Harral took ill, Rheays urged Jahera to strike. She was hesitant and when Harral died, Saria was crowned queen in 803.

Two years later, Jahera accepted and at the age of 40, Rheays began rallying the South in her name. Rheays proved to be far more politically active than Lorek who had risen in defense of his queen during The War of Two Queens. The most impressive of his scheming was with Faral Wysana near the end of the war. Rheays convinced Wysana to betray Saria. The detail of the bargain were never revealed.

During the Siege of the Fall, Rheays accepted Lorek’s challenge to decide the siege by single combat. With his Vryloka strength, he killed his brother and stormed Sarion’s Fall. In the throne room he murdered the defenseless Saria, securing Jahera’s rule. She was crowned Queen Jahera II in 810 at the age of 27. Rheays out lived the two monarchs following her but was killed in 906 when his horse was startled and ran into the lava sea.


Ser Rheays Sarion (Deceased)

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