Karis Hyperious

Bastard of Kora, Sarion Blood Curse


Karis Rock was born a bastard to Lord Kora Hyperious. He was exiled from Hyperion Rock when he was 8 when he was found in his room in with three dead servants. These murders were later blamed on Karis’ uncontrollable Sarion Blood Curse. This occurred before Kora was married to Jana Goresh. The identity of his mother is unknown. He later found himself in the north in the hands of Lord Baric Bloodborn. When Karis came of age he left The Reach in the night and has not been seen since. Since then, King Kora has named him his heir after the death of his sons and King Tyris’ crowning. He has been seen in a dream had by Ashar where he is depicted using the Sarion Blood Curse to kill Tyris Sarion.


Karis Hyperious

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