King Roaran Sarion I (Deceased)

Roaran the Conquerer, Human, Dire Bear Sigil


Roaran Sarion was the first king in Visonis. Roaran was born on the island that would later be named Hyperion Rock after it became the ancestral seat of House Hyperious. Roaran was a genius in many ways. He loved to read and write songs that he would play on his lute, which he invented. When he became a man he discovered his skill at tactics and warfare and lead a campaign that would drown Visonis in blood. It is said that Roaran used a blade called Assimilation to defeat his foes. The sword had a similar effect to the Sarion Blood Curse. The war ended with Roaran crowned as king and the land of Visonis united into one kingdom.

At the time dragons were few in number but Roaran greatly admired the creatures. Roaran began to breed dragons because he thought that if he did not intervene they would die off such as the Dire Bears of his house had on his home island. His sons followed his example to an extreme which led to the Dragon Wars in the year 142 and the fleeing of the people underground.

He designed and raised the Castle later known as Sarion’s Fall in the middle of an ancient sea of lava surrounded by the convergence of The Wings and The Tail. Roaran died at the age of 87 of unknown causes. Roaran was standing with his wife, who after the fact was discovered to be his father’s bastard daughter and Roaran’s half sister, on one of the castles balconies. Roaran then grabbed for the balcony ledge to stop himself from collapsing. His strength failed and his weigh crashed forward propelling him over the edge to fall to his death into the lava sea. His body was not recovered and to this day it is unknown what caused Roaran to collapse as he was extremely fit for his age. After Roaran’s death Assimilation disappeared from history until it was discovered by Agera Sarion.

King Roaran Sarion I (Deceased)

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