King Roaran Sarion II (Deceased)

Son of Daarum VIII, The 40 Day King


Roaran II was very much his father’s son. His fits of anger produced more death in 40 days than the plague that killed his mother Zarana and newborn brother Ageris. As a boy, it was discovered that he was prone to cruelty and not forgiving in the least. Being raised as his father was, his affactions for his sisters Jahera and Rheaella were very strong. He was not a strong boy and his anger prevented him from thinking clearly. Queen Vara knew the king he would grow to be and urged King Daarum VIII to place Jahera before him in the line of succession which led to her death in 543. It was believed that the Sarion Blood Curse had skipped his generation until he had his first outburst in 546. In this incident Roaran caused his father to slit his own throat. King Daarum VIII would survive but it was not long after that he finally saw the monster in himself and threw himself into the lava sea in the same year.

After King Daarum VIII’s death, Roaran ascended the throne at the age of 17. He quickly married Rheaella against her will and tried to produce an heir also against her will. Roaran held court nearly everyday he was king and urged the people that he would be a better king than his father had. He called 10,000 people from all over Visonis to meet with him on the 34th day of his rule. When they arrived at the dragon’s moat, Roaran declared every one of them a traitor. When their ships docks they were taken and thrown into the lava sea. By the 39th day every one of the 10,000 men, women, and children were dead. Roaran said he did it because a king must be feared. On the 40th day of his rein it was discovered that Rheaella was pregnant. Driven mad by the rapes and murders around her, she killed Roaran by stabbing him in the heart as he slept. She then stabbed her belly repeatedly to kill the baby. Rheaella died shortly after of extreme blood loss. It was then in 547 that Jahera was crowned Queen.


King Roaran Sarion II (Deceased)

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