King Tyris Sarion

The King in the End, Half Elf, Dire Bear Sigil, Kinslayer


Tyris Hyperious was the first son born to Lord Kora and Lady Jana Hyperious 2483 years after the crowning of King Rheagon Sarion (Deceased). Tyris was raised on Hyperion Rock and spent a large amount of time with his father so he could learn how to be a lord. As a boy, Tyris was afraid of Lord Kora and never earned his father’s love. His mother was the only person he could feel happy around. When Jordonis was born Tyris was able to break free of his father constant grasp. He would go to the library and read about the Sarion kings and became fascinated by dragons and magic.

Jordonis wanted to be a knight as a boy and would often challenge Tyris to duels in the training yard. Tyris never wanted to hurt anybody and never felt confortable with a sword in his hand. Jordonis however was his happiest when he was swinging his sword at a training dummy. Whenever the two would duel Tyris would always lose. Tyris soon accepted that his brother’s strength was in his sword and his own was in the books he read. Tyris spent his years learning magic from old books he clearly was not supposed to be reading. When Jordonis challenged his brother to their final duel. Tyris tried to use magic to win for once. Tyris shot a fireball from his hand, but Lord Kora was watching and ended the fight. Lord Kora banned Tyris from the library and told him that magic was for the weak and only coward hide behind tricks. He would continue to read against his father’s will and Tyris’ fear of his father became dislike.

When Tyris was a teenager he would often leave the keep just to annoy his father. He would look at the ships and the sailors and the lands across the sea. He wanted to leave Hyperion Rock and see it but never could muster us the courage to actually leave. One night Tyris was returning home from the market. It was raining very hard and the wind was strong. Tyris saw a girl ahead on the road who could barely keep her feet as the wind blew and she looked lost. He went and helped the girl into a nearby inn. The girl was thankful for his help and the two sat and talked. She was an elf named Carina and she was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. Tyris wanted to impress her but whenever he tried to sound important she would only smile at him and laugh. Tyris did not return home that night.

From then on he went to town whenever he could. Carina’s father was the dock manager and her mother died giving birth to her. They had come from The Scar on a boat after her father got tired of being accused of every theft in Fire’s Mercy. They were happy together and when Tyris turned 18 he asked her to marry him. The two were married without Lord Kora’s knowledge of the event. Lord Kora did soon find out and wanted the head of the lowborn scum that seduced his son into a false marriage. Tyris was forced to say goodbye to his wife and her father. The two left Hyperion Rock and never returned. Lord Kora knew Tyris had something to do with the girl’s disappearance and had Tyris tortured by one of his men to find where she went. Tyris did not know and was tortured for nothing. On that day his dislike of his father became hatred.

Shortly after Tyrionous aka “Ty” was born and Tyris was not going to allow his youngest brother became a puppet of his father like Jordonis has become. Tyris however could not help Ty when he became ill after his third birthday. It was as if it just stole his soul from his body. Before long Ty was dead and Lord Kora entered a deep state of grief. Lord Kora was like this for years until he finally snapped and killed Lady Jana, his wife and Tyris’ mother. This was the last straw. On that day Tyris gave up his claim to Hyperion Rock and left for the main land.

Tyris spent the next few years looking for adventure and his lost wife. He wanted to see the dragons and learn the magics he had read about. He never did find his wife but he did learn the ways of the warlock and saw dragons. He became known hunting treasure and after a time found himself in The Vale where he would meet his friends and companions Kira, Balasar, Ashar, and Grigore (Deceased). They discovered from the seer Tor’Vosh (Deceased) that House Hyperious is secretly House Sarion, Tyris has a bastard brother named Rickard Rock,Lord Wysanawas behind the attack on Talora, and that Tyris is destined to wield a sword called Assimilation. Jordonis arrived to try to get Tyris to return home and caught Tyris off guard during a moment of vulnerability. Tor’vosh had already informed Lord Kora of The truth about House Hyperious and Jordonis became aggresive. Tyris’ Sarion Blood Curse took control of him and killed Jordonis, Tor’Vosh and nearly killed Kira, Balasar, Ashar, and Grigore.

Knowing what his father would try to take Visonis as his own, Tyris, Kira, Balasar, Ashar, and Grigore went north to find allies. It was there in the north that Tyris crowned himself as a Sarion and took up a sword to defend the realm against Lords Wysana and Hyperious.

King Tyris Sarion

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