Ser Wilmer Wiggleton III

Fat, Pig, Guard, Bartender, Aoi Survivor


Wilmer Wiggleton III was a fat child who was raised by a poor farming family in the Kingdoms Alliance. When he was 6 a wild pig broke into his house and murdered his family. He stabbed the pig to death with a spoon and cut its nose off to wear as a trophy and to never forget his parent’s sacrifice. He then set out into the woods to fend for himself. He lived off of his own body fat and squirrels for the next 6 years. When he was 12 he was captured by slavers, one of them tried to touch his pig nose and soon was missing 2 of his fingers. Soon Wilmer was sold to a noble family (at an incredible bargain) in Rinsgarn. This is where he met Gorp, the family’s pet and Wilmer’s soon to be lifelong companion. Wilmer was forced to work day and night as a servant. By age 18 he somehow worked his way up to guardian of the castle gate. He was not very good at his job though, as not soon after a strange but very cute creature was able to sneak past him and rape and murder almost everybody in the castle. Wilmer, hearing the horrors that came from inside the castle quickly grabbed Gorp’s leash and ran to King Tyrannith’s castle. They were both knighted for their heroism.

After Blackwood’s uprising somehow, Wilmer and Gorp became guards in the Dragon Army. After countless intruders on Willmer’s watch he and Gorp were sent to guard a ship that was leaving the KA. After being convinced by a Tiefling’s evil mind games that there were people in the church trying to take over the ship Wilmer and Gorp busted the doors down and murdered all the orphans and the priestess taking care of them. “Thatl learn em not to try n steel our ship.” said Wilmer. Gorp nodded in approval. With that they boarded the ship and sailed to Visonis. They are now working as Zarra’s lovely assistants in her bar the “No We Don’t Have Any Fucking Ice in a Goddamn Cup.”

Ser Wilmer Wiggleton III

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