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A Land Engulfed in War

2514 Years After the Crowning of Roaran Sarion I

King Tyris Sarion

  • The King in the Rheagayrn Sea
  • Sovereign of Thunderforge, The Reach, Talora, and Rheagon’s Last
  • Protector of the Realm
  • Blood of Roaran

King Kora Hyperious

  • The King in Vyrona
  • Sovereign of Vyrona, Gorionash, and Hyperion Rock
  • Protector of the Realm
  • Blood of Roaran

King Victor Blackwood

  • The King in the Kingdoms Alliance
  • Sovereign of Forsworn, Ramira, Missorn, Forwild, and Tormar
  • The Holder of the Leash
  • The Raven Queen’s Physical Form

Standing Armies and Known Commanders

The Sarion Army

50,000 Strong 100 Dragons

The Hyperion Army

60,000 Strong

The Elvish Army

35,000 Strong

The Raven Army

? Strong

Undeclared Lords

The Best Known Sarion Monarchs

King Roaran I

King Zaren V

King Daarum VIII

King Roaran II

Queen Jahera I

King Harral I

Queen Jahera II

King Rheagon III

King Tyris I

Main Page

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